Mike Schulte
The Schulte Company





Services Provided

Property Information and "Due Diligence"
We provide information on properties such as zoning, traffic counts, demographics, rental market surveys, sales comparables, market absorption and occupancy data.

Third Party Reports
We help the client with their decision process in locating qualified third-party contractors for environment, survey, appraisal, and building inspections, to name a few.

Investment Analysis
Buyer and seller risk and reward assessment using proven CCIM methodology.

Owner's Options
Assist property owners in evaluating the best course to take with a property at a particular time in history. Often the best course is to hold, depending on market and building performance, projection, and individual investor requirements. Other basic options are to sell, perform a tax-deferred exchange, or to hold and refinance to leverage into more real estate.

Buyer's Services
Property investment analysis of the rent roll and historic income and expense numbers, as well as future projections based on market and property performance.

Escrow Tracking
Perform the scheduled tasks and meet deadlines.

The Schulte Company markets its offerings through several commercial real estate websites and extensive broker and owner contact databases. Broker cooperation and prompt follow up are part of the basic marketing service.